Why is a Christian Education So Important?

Why is a Christian education so important? Why should I pay for my child’s education when public school is free?

This is one of the many questions parents have when they find out about our school.  Public schools are centered on a secular worldview. A secular worldview teaches:
– God does not exist
– We are cosmic accidents
– Hope is only found in scientific discovery
– Religion and science are opposed to each other
– Science is based on fact while religion is based on faith, fear, and ignorance
– Morality is relative. What is wrong for you may not be wrong for me
– There is no absolute standard of right and wrong because there is no absolute lawgiver
– The Bible is full of errors and irrelevant to modern life

The result of this is clear.  In research conducted by  Thom S. Rainer & Jess W. Rainer in “The Millenials”, they found:
– 80% of the 15-35 year-olds in America declare they are not born again
– 94% do not believe in one or more of the cardinal doctrines of Christianity
– 76% do not attend church

We want to raise the children of Winchester to have a Christian worldview.  We believe the words of Proverbs 22:6 (NIV): “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”  Not only that, but we want to see a generation of Bible-believing Christians that will influence the culture and have a positive impact on Winchester, Kentucky and bring glory to God’s kingdom.  All of that starts with a Christian education that centers on a biblical worldview.  Our goal is to provide a Christian education that is affordable for families.

We believe God’s Word is truth and we believe that we need to start children off with the foundation that is Jesus Christ. At Grace Bible Academy, children will not only receive a high quality education, but an education that:

  • Builds upon the foundation of Jesus Christ
  • Is conducted in a loving, Christian environment and in accordance with the truth of Scripture in areas such as creation and morality.
  • Is centered around a biblical worldview
  • Enables your children to know that they have a purpose in Jesus Christ

Please email us at brandon.pence@gracebibleacademy.com or call 859-737-4722 with any questions.